List Of All FREE Outdoor Movies in WNY This Summer
August 25--Shrek @ Chestnut Ridge
September 14--The Lion King @ Chestnut Ridge
July 27 at Dusk – The Sandlot @ Caz Park
August 17 at Dusk – Antz @ Caz Park
July 18--Coco Driving @ Range in Lancaster
July 25--Despicable Me 3 @ Driving Range in Lancaster
August 1--Captain Underpants @ Driving Range in Lanca…
New Grease Movie In The Works
How did Sandy actually meet Danny? Apparently, the prequel will reveal the story leading up to the smash box office hit. Paramount Studios is reportedly working on a prequel to the classic 1978 movie musical. Grease 2 was released 4 years after the original and numerous Broadway versions have entert…

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