Some of the hottest movies of the year are out right now in theaters and this weekend is your opportunity to see some of the films for only 4 bucks.

When are the movies going to be $4?

National Cinema Day is coming up this weekend on Sunday, August 27, 2023.

Almost all of the movie theaters are going to be participating in the most popular movie day of the year. Last year, movie theaters saw a massive increase in movie-goers and revenue for a Sunday.

All of the Regal Movie Theaters, Dipson Theaters, including Flix and AMC Movie Theaters will be participating for the $4 movie. Right now, there are some of the hottest movies of the year still in theaters. Record breaking movies like Barbie, Oppenheimer and the box-office current leader Blue Beetle, which had a $25 million opening on its first weekend.

Does this include all of the formats including iMax?

Yes, ALL of the movies are 4 bucks, which is an awesome savings for movie-goers.

  • Regal, Orchard Park
  • Regal, Buffalo
  • Regal, Niagara Falls
  • Regal, Elmwood
  • Regal, Williamsville
  • Regal, Ithaca
  • Regal, Arnot Mall
  • Regal, Binghampton
  • Regal, Aviation Mall
  • Regal, Destiny
  • Regal, Clifton
  • Regal, Crossgates

Some theaters will also have special concession pricing for the day as well, including Regal Cinemas, which will have a $4 small popcorn and soft drink combo", according to

Last year, the tickets were $3 for National Cinema Day. This year, there are some bundles where you can get popcorn and/or drinks with your $4 movie ticket as well.

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