There is a William Fichtner movie being filmed in Buffalo and they need you to be a background actor VERY SOON!

If you are available starting next Monday, Buffalo Casting put up a need for background actors. The movie is called "The Cutman" and is being filmed right here in Western New York. Ironically,

Two broken souls find each other at a desolate East Texas motel. They find revenge and redemption. But what neither of them expected was a tough little girl would link their fates and shape the rest of their short, tortured lives", according to IMDB.

You're going to have to send your submission as soon as possible to Casting Buffalo and include some information and a head shot. You can take a look at what you are going to need below on the post that Casting Buffalo posted on Facebook on February 28. After they posted the need for background people, there was tons of interest from Western New Yorkers, but they are looking for multiple people.

REMINDER: You have to be ready to work next Monday, March 4, 2024.

Now, the post mentions that they are going to be hiring SAG background performers. SAG is The Screen Actors Guild and the union for performers.

One Facebook user asked if it was mandatory everyone was a member of SAG and the answer is no.

we are obligated to post to SAG members first. Non-union will still be considered and may still apply.


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