The once, major movie rental store has people asking questions about whether they're going to come back after suddenly showing back up online.

Cryptic messages are the new marketing teaser.

There was a time when companies would simply give you just a little bit of information, just enough to get your thoughts rolling and then they would say, "stay tuned for more."  Now, the trendy thing to do is to put up a cryptic message that people will read entirely too much into and let them start talking about it.  If people are talking about it, when they finally do deliver their message, they've got all eyes watching.

It happens with professional athletes and major companies alike.

Your message has to be one that people care about

When you finally do tell you what the message was about, the payoff better be worth it.  When Blockbuster made the announcement that they would be entering into crypto currency and NFT's it didn't really do much to increase their brand.  While a few people talked about it, it never really turned out to be the thing that brought Blockbuster back from the grave.

There's only one Blockbuster left

For those who don't know, Blockbuster used to be a video rental service.  They started out renting VHS movies that people could take home and watch in the comfort of their living room and it was huge.  They eventually moved to DVDs but ended up all but completely disappearing when Netflix started to offer streaming movies.  When people no longer had to worry about paying extra fees because they forgot to return a DVD, they moved to streaming and haven't really looked back since then.  Now, there's only one Blockbuster store left in the entire country.  It's in Bend, Oregon and most people like to rent from there, more for the nostalgia than anything else.

Is Blockbuster planning a comeback?

Their website has been down for years.  As mentioned above, this company was all but dead.  But today, people are starting to wonder if they're planning a comeback after their website went live again.

There isn't much there, but it's live again.  All that you see if you go to is a simple page with block lettering saying, "Be Kind While We Rewind" followed by their classic blue and yellow logo.

What could Blockbuster's message mean?

Well, they've got us talking now.  What could it mean?  Is Blockbuster planning to try to come back and enter the movie business again?  Are they going to try to step into the ring with giants like Disney and Neflix to grab their piece of the streaming pie?  Are they going to start renting videos again hoping that the nostalgia will pull them through?

We won't know until they deliver that final message.  But they've got people listening now, for sure.  Get your popcorn ready.

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