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Each Item You Have On This List is 1 Point — GET RID OF IT
There are two kids of people:

The ones that see something that has no problem throwing anything out.
Or people who hold onto ANYTHING thinking it could be worth money one day.

Now, on the internet you may see a VERY specific item that MAY be worth some money to someon…
2020 Country Concerts To Mark On Your Calendar
Beer. Sunshine. Country Music.
There is a reason that country artists and tours come swing through Western New York so often: they know the fans here are fun, rowdy and passionate.
Here are ones to mark on the calendar.
*This will be up to date as more dates are added...
Luke Bryan, Morgan Wallen Return to Buffalo
It's happening!
What a tour this will be. Luke Bryan is hitting the road and bringing Morgan Wallen and Caylee Hammack with him this Summer.
While Luke Bryan is making another headlining appearance at Darien Lake, Morgan Wallen is making his second appearance...
First 3 Steps To Get Rid Of Your Debt
This morning on Clay & Company, we were talking about all of the debt that we have and the strategies that we have to combat it. Some work. Some don't. Money expert, Dave Ramsey has a ton of information, but he suggests quite the process, but they boil down to ideas like this.

Look How Much People Are Trying to Sell Disney VHS Tapes For
Take a look at your Disney VHS collection. There's a certain type of series that came out that collectors (may be) willing to spend to obtain.Take a look at your Disney VHS collection. There's a certain type of series that came out that collectors (may be) willing to spend to obtain.
Bud Light Releases Vodka Seltzers [PICTURE]
In the ring right now White Claw, Smirnoff and Trulys
Enter Bud Light
The spiked seltzers in a tall, skinny can are all the hype in 2019 and they're rolling right into 2020.
How many calories are in each?
White Claw 100, 5%
Smirnoff 90, 4...
DJ Pauly D Returning To WNY
The Jersey Shore star, DJ Pauly D, will return to Western New York on host
Beach Bash
Sunset Bay Beach Club
Noon to 6 p.m. on Saturday, June 27th.
Here's how you buy tickets: Early bird: $19.99 and GA is $24.99-$29...
You Be The Judge: Jerk Move Or Just Being Resourceful?
What do you think here?
On New Year's Eve our friend went to a restaurant and they found out it was reservation ONLY. The hostess was calling for the 'Mike' who had a reservation at 7:30.
They called out again.
So, our friend just decided to say that he was Mike and STOLE the reservation…

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