Garth Brooks, would you rather...

Be able to see a George Jones or Johnny Cash concert tonight?

Would you rather be handcuffed for an entire day to Luke Bryan or Blake Shelton?

Would you rather see the Buffalo Bills or New England Patriots win?

Garth Brooks has made his way back to Buffalo for the first time in 17 years. The last time the G-man was in town he was LIVE on the 1998 CMA Awards while performing a show at the Marine Midland Arena.

It's no like artists to hold press conferences before concerts, but there is also no other like Garth Brooks. So, before he started his 6-show, 4-night stint in Buffalo, NY Garth had the media come interview him and ask him questions, which end up being the same questions over and over again for the most part.

So, I took Garth's interview to a totally different place before it was done --'Would You Rather'. He was a little thrown off, but he couldn't stop laughing when we were done.

.......he's not very good at this game.


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