This is one of the best stories during this difficult pandemic.

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According to WGRZ, Kathryn Gringer of Batavia turned 100 last October. She currently resides at the Wyoming County Community Health System's Skilled Nursing Facility.

After Gringer came down with a fever at the end of March, it was discovered she had coronavirus after her test came back positive.

"I kind of assumed that she would not make it," said Kathryn's great-grandson, Mateo Mortellaro. "The worst part was definitely not so much that she wasn't going to make it, because she was very old and has had a very long happy life. It was that she would be alone."

But after a couple weeks, her health improved and about a week ago, Gringer's family got the news that she tested negative for COVID-19.

Watch the video below. This is fantastic news!

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