They were known as a "flying fortress." They were the major workhorse for the U.S. Air Force in bombing raids over Germany during World War II. Of the nearly 13,000 B-17s produced, only 13 are still flying, and one of them is in Buffalo this week. The Memphis Belle is offering rides to the public, along with a World War II era P-40 fighter made in Buffalo.

You might have seen the movie Memphis Belle starring Harry Connick, Jr., Sean Astin and Mattew Modine -- the story of a B-17 crew who have successfully completed 24 bombing missions and need only one more to complete their mission and head home. The plane in Buffalo this week is the one they used in the filming of the movie.

We got an invitation to take a flight on the Memphis Belle, so I took along videographer Brad Hohman, and we got some great shots of what it's like to fly in a B-17.