It's definitely that time of year.'s not pumpkin spice season anymore.  We're into chili season now.

When we were kids, I remember this time of year for a couple of things.  When it was football season my parents would load up our camper and we would head out to my football games on a Saturday afternoon.  The best part about it though, was the huge pot of chili that was simmering in the camper waiting for the game to end.

There's something special about chili. It tastes great, it just warms you up, and keeps you full for hours...and even if it doesn' worry, just get another cup or bowl!

Everyone claims to make the best chili in their own houses.  And I believe that.  I very rarely order chili when I go out to a restaurant because who is going to be able to match up, much less, be better than homemade?

But some people do for sure!

So the question is, when you aren't making the pot of chili yourself, who has the best bowl that makes you want to come back for?

Is it the add ons?  The crackers they use, or the bowl they serve it in?  Maybe you're the kind of person that likes to cover it in cheese or sour cream.

Who is Western New York's "Go-To" chili spot?  We know it won't ever measure up to your homemade recipe, so I guess, who has the second-best (to yours)? I asked on Facebook, and these are the answers you gave.

I was surprised that so many people said Wendy's.  But they did, so I added it to the list...


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