Buffalo is a hype town -- you've probably heard someone say that before.

But we can't help it. We get really excited about stuff. Sometimes the excitement escalates into a total hype scenario. Sometimes the hype was worth it -- other times, not so much.

Long before Canalside took shape, the site of the former Memorial Auditorium was seen as the perfect spot for a Bass Pro store. Many community leaders were pushing this plan, seen as a way to "bring people downtown." Maybe it's just us, but we think the awesome public access is better than a big parking lot?

Or, the kid who gained viral status from his TV news interview about being the first person in line at the new Cheektowaga Chick Fil A — worth the hype? I mean, have you tried the chicken?

The year 2000 was NOT short on hype -- from iffy presidential elections to certain computer disaster with Y2K -- it was also the year Western New Yorkers waited in lines all along Walden Avenue for Krispy Kreme.

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When it comes to weather, it doesn't even have to be a Snowvember-level forecast for us to run out to the grocery stores and pillage for bread, milk, eggs and beer (and then complain if the most severe amount of forecasted snow doesn't materialize).

We love to hype our sports rivalry with Toronto, but only when it comes to hockey. When it comes to Major League Baseball, we've basically fostered-to-adopt all those Blue Jays at this point.

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