I'm sure by now that you have heard about the seeds that many Western new Yorkers have gotten packages from China. Inside were seeds. Just like you would see at the home centers that you would buy, but clear packages. The return addresses were always in Chinese. The Better Business Bureau does not know if it is a prank or a bio-terrorism act.

The USDA has said do NOT plant the seeds, but you know that made people more and more curious, so they did. So after some were planted, 14 of the seeds were identified so far. According to AgDaily.com,

Osama El-Lissy, with the Plant Protection program of USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, the unsolicited seed packets have contained several plant species. “We have identified 14 different species of seeds including mustard, cabbage, morning glory, and some of the herbs — like mint, sage, rosemary, lavender — and then other seeds like hibiscus and roses. This is just a subset of the samples we have collected so far".

If you did get some seeds, the directions on WHAT YOU SHOULD DO are below:

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The USDA has issued a mailing guidance and where you should send your seeds to in each State if you do so receive them:

Instructions for Mailing Seed Packets:
• Place the unopened seed packet and any packaging, including the mailing label, in a
mailing envelope. If the seed packets are open, first place the seeds and their packaging
into a zip-lock bag, seal it, and then place everything into a mailing envelope.
• Please include your name, address, and phone number so that a State or Federal
agriculture official can contact you for additional information, if needed.
• In some cases, you may also submit your information online. Instructions are provided
below if that is an option in your state


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