Summer is just about here.  If you're already tired of the animals making your garden their personal salad bar, here are some methods to keep them out.

Animals love your gardens

You've been there before.  You take all this effort to plan out a garden.  You go out and buy good plants and spend some extra money on good soil and fertilizer.  It takes an entire weekend to get it planted the way you want it.  You water it and watch it grow.  Then you come out one day and it looks like someone took a weed whacker to it.

It didn't get mowed down.  Chances are, it was a deer or rabbit, or some other animal that decided it looked like a delicious snack and chose to eat it up.

You can't blame them.  They eat plants.  That's how they survive.  So how do you keep them from eating YOUR plants?

Why is it always hostas?

One of the biggest plants that people complain about deer and rabbits eating is hostas.  They're a leafy plant that do fine in the shade.  They come back every year and they look great around landscaping and pools.

But deer love them.  It's one of their favorite snacks and they're not afraid to come right up to your house to get to it.

How do you keep them away?

There are a number of methods to keep deer from eating your hostas.  Many of the repellents have to do with either smells or tastes that the deer hate.  Things like cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes are something that will hold them back.  But they also hate the smell of certain other plants like marigolds and catnip.

There are gadgets and chemicals that have been developed to keep them out too!

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