Dog Attacks Deer on Tonawanda Golf Course + May Be Charged
There was a situation on the Sheridan Park Golf Course (which isn't open yet by the way) a couple of weeks ago where an unleashed dog caused an unpleasant scene when it attacked a deer on the course.
Now, the situation is under investigation by the state Department of Environmental Conserva…
Hunters Warned About ‘Zombie Deer Disease’
An illness in animals known as "zombie deer disease" has been reported all over the United States. Right now it's in 24 states, including New York, according to the Centers for Disease Control.
Chronic wasting disease  was found in free-ranging deer, elk and moose across the country and in …
Two Bucks Get Antlers Locked at Reinstein Woods in Depew
Two bucks were caught in Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve in Depew with locked antlers on Monday. Typically, bucks will square off for space or territory issues. Yesterday, The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation said a volunteer called it in and the officials were able to us…
WATCH: Deer Caught Invading a Barber Shop
The deer are getting pretty active these days. it's that time for the year when the 'feelings" kick in and the deer start to chase each other or establish territory. That could be why this deer crashed through a window of a barber shop in Missouri.

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