We're expecting more deer-car accidents happening this season more than ever. There might be one explanation for it as well.

In 2023, New York State has revised some of its gun laws to become more strict and has added new taxes in some aspects of being a gun-carrier.

As you can imagine, those who hold their gun license are not happy with new or updated regulations from New York State. In fact, some were even saying because of the new laws and taxes, people might be even hunting less this season. If people are hunting less this season, you will certainly see a rise in deer population.

The deer population could possibly be the highest it will ever be in New York State.

How many deer are killed each year during the hunting season in New York State?

According to DeerFriendly.com, there are about 250,000 less deer at the end of hunting season in New York State.

How big is the deer population in New York State?

New York Deer Population An informal state estimate of 1.2 million deer pre-hunt in 2021 with about 950,000 post-hunt", according to Deer Friendly.

Can you feed deer in New York State?


"It is illegal to intentionally feed wild deer or moose in New York. Feeding of white-tailed deer causes unnatural concentrations near the food source, which can lead to ecological damage, damage to property, and an increased risk of transmission of disease between deer", according to the New York State DEC website.


In fact, there was one woman, who was infamously known as the 'Cheektowaga Deer Lady', because she was constantly feeding the deer at Stiglmeier Park in Cheektowaga regardless of the amount of times that she had gotten in 'trouble' by the police.

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