It's not something that you do every day, and if you've never done it, you might be asking, "What do I do if I hit a deer with my car?"

First things first, try not to hit one

I know, it's sometimes easier said than done but if you can avoid hitting a deer, it will obviously save you a load of trouble.  Some tips to avoid hitting deer include:

1. Slow down when you see them.

2. Be extra alert around dusk and dawn.  This is when deer will be most active, and when you'll probably have the hardest time seeing them.

3. If you see one, there are probably more close.  Deer travel in groups.  So if you see one run in front of you, just wait a second.  There could be more coming.

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I hit one though, now what do I do?

If you have the unfortunate luck of still hitting a deer, what are the steps you should take?

1.  Move your car to the side of the road if you can - You just hit a deer.  The last thing you want to do is have an accident with a car also.  This will give you a chance to check everyone in your vehicle to make sure they are ok and if it is safe, to assess the damage to your vehicle.  If no one is hurt, and there's no damage, you can simply go about your business.  If there is damage, or someone is injured, you should move on to step 2.

2.  Call the police - Do you have to?  There are two instances when calling them is mandatory.  The first is if the damage caused is worth more than $1000.  The second is if someone in the car is injured.  Normally if you hit a deer, the damage cost can quickly add up to over $1000.  It's best to call them just in case.  This will make it easier to report to your insurance company too.

3.  Do not attempt to go near the deer - Stay clear.  That animal just got hit and it's scared.  You could be hurt if it feels threatened.

4. File a claim with your insurance company if the damage is significant.  If you plan to have work done on your vehicle, you're probably going to need them.

5. If your car is safe to drive, you can leave.

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