Waterfalls make for a perfect summertime road trip destination and if you're looking for some great ones close to home, there are plenty to choose from.

Making plans for things to do this summer?  If a huge vacation isn't in the budget and you're looking for something that won't break the bank, plan a trip to visit some of these natural waterfalls.

Why do waterfalls make for a good day trip?

People often plan trips to beaches, lakes, and waterparks, but forget that some of the natural sightseeing locations can make for incredible vacations too.

Looking for a trip to clear your mind and escape from your crazy, busy life?  Think about a trip to visit a waterfall.  The sound of the water falling and the cool mist that comes off of it can really take your stress away.  They really can be cool to watch for hours.

Don't forget about the exercise you'll get too!  Many waterfalls require a hike to get to them. A walk to a waterfall can be really good for you. Bonus:  If you have kids, it will definitely tire them out and get them off their screens for a couple hours.

The pictures!  Looking for an incredible backdrop for pictures, or something to really spruce up your Instagram page?  There are plenty of incredible shots from just one hike to a waterfall.

How many waterfalls are there in New York State?

Depending on which survey you read, there are anywhere between 2000 and 4000 waterfalls in New York State.  Would you believe that even though Niagara Falls is the most powerful and probably the most famous one, it's not the tallest? There's one that's taller than Niagara Falls and completely worth the drive.

Waterfalls trips as vacations

As far as vacations go, you could turn a trip into a couple of hours long or a full week.  You could take a road trip on an afternoon and see one that you've never seen before, or plan a week-long camping trip near one.  Heck, maybe even plan out a route and hit up as many of them as you can in one trip!  It could be worth it just for the pictures!

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