If you see these deer in public, the police are asking that you don't try to capture them.

You may have seen a couple of strange-looking deer wandering around in Amherst lately.  If you see them again, the police have some pretty specific instructions on what you should do.

One of the deer has a box with a net on its head

One of the deer that is wandering around in Amherst is a buck that has been seen around the Willow Ridge area. He appears to have a small sports goal on his head with some sort of netting across the front.  It must be solidly on there because there are a couple of pictures of him wearing it.

They say that he is still able to eat and drink with it on there.

The second deer has a wire around its body

There is another deer that people have been calling about also.  This one is a doe and she has mostly been seen in the village near Main and Evans.  At a glance, the wire that is wrapped tightly around her body seems to be causing some damage.

What should you do if you see these deer?

The Amherst Police are aware of both of them and they're asking you to not approach either of them.  They said that they've teamed up with a rescue organization called Fuzzy Fawn Wildlife and they've been attempting to capture both of the deer to free them of the net and the wire.  However, they're very agile and have been able to leap over stockades as high as 6 feet tall.

The more people try to approach them, the more spooked they are becoming.  Police say to only call if the animals are completely fenced in within an area that has 5-foot or taller enclosures. However, if they are completely enclosed, they ask that you call Fuzzy at 716-909-8536 so they can help them.

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