The First McDonald's In Western New York is Still There
The first McDonald's in Western New York, at one time, sold the most hamburgers than any other McDonald's in the United States. The location is right North of Maple Road on Niagara Falls Boulevard.
It was actually the first McDonald's restaurant in New York State when Jerry Brownr…
Was This Billboard On The 290 Insensitive? PICTURE]
Harambe was the gorilla that was shot at the at the Cincinnati Zoo after a young boy fell into the exhibit and was dragged by the gorilla through the water. It became quite a national spectacle and even a debate about whether or not the gorilla should have been shot...
New Amherst Playground Open to the Public
A new Playground is now open in Amherst.  The Billy Wilson Park Playground opened yesterday on Hopkins Road in Amherst and is named after Army Squad Leader, Billy Wilson.  Wilson died in Afghanistan in 2012 ,according to News Reports.

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