If you love huge cinnamon rolls with tons of gooey icing on them, you're going to love this new bakery that is coming to Hamburg, NY.

The cinnamon roll could be the absolute best comfort food.  It's sweet and gooey and if you get it at the right time it's just warm and perfect.

This is the home of the best cinnamon roll in Western New York

I've had cinnamon rolls from some of the biggest chains and some that you make at home but none are like this one.  A few years ago, I found that Kaylena Marie's Bakery in Orchard Park had the absolute best one I've ever had before.  It was massive and it was just drenched in icing.  It's perfectly soft but not soggy and it was big enough for two people to share.  It was absolutely perfect.

There are more locations on the way

Since then, they opened up another location in Amherst at 9320 Transit Road and they recently announced that they've got another one on the way.  This time it's in Hamburg, New York.

There is no word on the post as to where the new bakery will be but the website states that the new location will be opening in the summer of 2024.

While the cinnamon roll is easily the star of the show, they do a ton more than that.  They also do things like breakfast sandwiches, french toast, cookies, and other desserts.

They're looking for more franchises to open soon too.  If you're ready to open up your own location, click here to see how to become part of their family.

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