HGTV put together a list naming the "50 of the Most Charming Small Towns in America" but I think they may have missed these ones from Western New York.

Ok, I get it, the list couldn't include every charming town in the country.  They only picked 50, so the list consisted of one from every state.  Here in New York, they chose Skaneateles.  No disrespect meant to Skaneateles but people who are looking for charming small towns are really missing out if they don't check out these towns and villages here in Western New York too.

What do you think of when you hear "Charming Town?"

You've heard real estate listings where they say that the town where the house is, has "small-town charm."  What does that mean?

Normally it has a very relaxed aura about it.  You can envision people strolling the streets and enjoying each other's company.  The people seem comfortable and happy.  They're friendly.  Unlike huge cities, the buildings in a charming town would be smaller, and even a little older than the skyscrapers that outline a city.  It has a very old-school character about it.  In a charming small town, people would learn your name and once they do, everywhere you go you'll be called by your name instead of just ma'am or sir.

Picture the setting of every Hallmark movie.  That is normally what they mean by "small-town charm."

There are plenty of charming small towns in Western New York

Again, we can't blame HGTV for not picking a Western New York town.  When you put together lists like these they're often limited.  Just like the list we're about to give, we couldn't name every town, but they've all got their own small-town charm.

But in our opinion, here are 5 towns that may have been overlooked by their list.

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