It’s been two weeks since Albert the alligator was taken from a home in Hamburg, and his owner and friends are still trying desperately to get him back. 

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On March 15th, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation seized the 12-foot 750 pound alligator from his owner of 30 years, Tony Cavallaro, and put him into the care of a licensed caretaker. 

The DEC alleges that Cavallaro, whose permit to own Albert expired in 2021, failed to make sure that the dangerous animal didn’t come into contact with humans, breaking New York State regulations. Additionally, the DEC stated that the alligator was suffering from numerous health conditions, including blindness and spinal issues. 

Hamburg NY Alligator
Facebook via Tony Cavallaro

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Cavallaro disputes the DEC’s claims, telling WIVB that his alligator was being treated for cataracts, not blindness, and there was nothing wrong with his spine. However, he admits that he did allow friends and family to pet and swim with the huge gator. 

“Albert and many many other Alligators that are raised in captivity from birth become docile, friendly creatures...I know for a fact that Albert would never hurt anyone. Everyone who has met him knows this too.” - Tony Cavallaro

Albert The Alligator Has Gone Viral

After news of the pet alligator broke, the story went wild. Cavallaro and Albert have been featured on programs like Fox News and Inside Edition, and even celebrities like the rapper Lil Jon are pleading for Albert’s return home to Hamburg. 

Indeed, judging by the show of support for Cavallaro, the massive gator was beloved. There are countless comments on his Facebook page expressing their heartbreak over the animal being taken away.

The Fight To Bring Albert The Alligator Home To Hamburg, New York

Meanwhile, Tony Cavallaro is still devastated his beloved pet was seized, and will continue to work to get him back.

A petition to bring Albert home currently has over 140,000 signatures, and there are lawn signs for sale in Hamburg to raise funds for Cavallaro’s legal fight to have the gator returned. 

We still don’t know what’s going to happen with poor Albert, but we have a feeling the drama is far from over.

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