We’ve heard of Western New Yorkers owning exotic pets, but this seems extreme

Hamburg residents– did you have any idea that a massive alligator was living in your neighborhood? We don’t think we’d ever sleep again. 

Earlier this week, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation seized an enormous 11 foot, 750-pound alligator from a home there, where it was living in an in-ground pool built to house it in. 

Facebook via Tony Cavallaro
Facebook via Tony Cavallaro

According to WIVB, the man who possessed the gator allegedly allowed his guests to get in the pool with the gator to pet it. Holy. cow. 

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Believe it or not, the homeowner where the alligator was found used to have a license to own the alligator, but according to New York State officials, it expired in 2021 and wasn’t renewed. 

Even though we’re not the biggest fan of alligators, we feel bad for this poor guy. The enormous creature was full of devastating health issues, from spinal complications to blindness in both eyes. After being seized, the gator was handed over to a licensed caretaker, who will nurse it back to health until it can be safely transported to a permanent home, and a veterinarian will examine the gator to determine if there should be any charges brought against the owner. 

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Supporters Of Hamburg Alligator Owner Speak Out

Although authorities have not released the name of the alligator’s owner, his friends and followers are showing support for him and the approximately 30-year-old alligator, named “Albert,” on the owner’s Facebook page. The owner also posted several pictures of “Albert” after he was taken away. 

Facebook via Tony Cavallaro
Facebook via Tony Cavallaro

However, a comment on the Buffalo subreddit page claims to know one of the DEC officers that confiscated the animal, and that the alligator was being mistreated. 


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This sure is a crazy story, but we guess it’s just another week in Western New York.

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