There have been some crazy wild alligator stories in Western New York over the years. Obviously, they are all noteworthy when you find an alligator in the Buffalo area.

I mean, when you find a mouse in your house you would tell people the story. Now imagine finding an alligator.

1.) The most recent story was from Hamburg, New York, when a man had his 750 pound pet alligator was taken from his house. A man had Albert the Alligator for 34 years, built him his own extension of the house, gave him an indoor pool and made him part of the family. On March 14, 2024 officials came in to take Albert away. Apparently, the owner did not have the proper license since 2021. I feel like it is important to note that for 30 years in compliance.

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2.) In 2001 an alligator, or really, 4-foot Caiman, was dubbed Scajaquada Jack after it Buffalo Animal Control spent 4 days trying to get the alligator out of the water that is absolutely infested with pollution and gunk. Then it became an issue because random people were trying to go get the alligator and bait it themselves with dead chickens. They eventually caught the alligator after a few days and then it actually sat in the a baby pool in the Buffalo Animal Control warehouse for a few days before he was moved to St. Augustine to an Alligator Park. Word on the street is that Jack is still living.

3.) New York State troopers were called to Clarence because someone fishing found 2 alligators in the pond. We never found out who owned the alligators. They were about 3 foot long.

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