A video was posted by Albert's owner of all of the fish being caught and the pool being drained at Albert the Alligator's home in Hamburg, New York.

People started thinking that Tony was hinting that Albert could return soon on social media

We cleaned the entire room and windows getting it all ready hopefully for Albert's return!" got some fans of Albert the Alligator excited.

The pool company was there to help drain the pool after they got all of the fish out of the pool. You can check out the videos below:


Why was the 750-pound alligator taken away?

"I should be grandfathered in", the owner of Albert the Alligator told Clay and Company this morning on WYRK.

It sounds like a combination of public safety and concern mixed with an insurance issue is why Albert the Alligator was taken out of his home in Hamburg, New York. Apparently, from some reports, there were people other than the owner who were going to pet the alligator. The New York State DEC released a statement and said why the alligator was taken:

In the interest of public safety and the health, safety, and protection of the alligator, ECOs worked with the Town of Hamburg Police and The SPCA Serving Erie County, NY to seize the alligator.

But, if it was his pet and inside of his private residence, how is that a concern some supports were asking? Regardless of the opinions of supporters and the government, there was a license issue. So, when the police were tipped off, it was reason for them to look into the issue. Owner of the alligator Tony told us the laws changed and he didn't have a license, yet had the gator for over 30 years.

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