There are some Bills fans that are famous among the Mafia: Bills Elvis, Pinto Ron, the ones that go shirtless at every game, the creator of the Bills Mafia Babes, and so many more. 

However, there is one Bills fan that is becoming increasingly popular with the Mafia, and that is Keita Nakagawa.

Nakagawa is from Machida, Tokyo, and he saw the electric energy of the Bills Mafia while on the other side of the world and wanted to be part of it. That’s what led to Nakagawa taking his first trip to the United States – he wanted to see the Buffalo Bills play.

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You can see some of his tailgating ventures below. 

Everyone remembers Nakagawa and his love for the Buffalo Bills, and after his first trip here, many people wished for him to return to another game so they could tailgate with him again. 

While that is in the plans for the future, Nakagawa is watching the NFL Draft from Tokyo, and he has a message for the new picks added to the Buffalo Bills roster. 

It’s a special welcome dance of excitement, performed by Keita Nakagawa – all while wearing an AllenTown t-shirt. 

You can’t help but smile when you watch the video. 

It gets you excited about the upcoming season, even though we still have a few months to go. Thank you for spreading your optimism, Keita! And as you would say in Tokyo, Ganbaro Bills

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