Bills Mafia

Honorary Bills Mafia Member
Haha I was at Riverworks for the game yesterday and when this happened the place went nuts.
The pre-game telecast featured Bill Cowher wanting to be an honorary member of the Bills Mafia. Him breaking the table was a nod to the classic Buffalo Bills tailgate move...
Man Gets Caught On Fire At Buffalo Bills Game…..Again
It happened--again.
Before that embarrassing 'football game' at New Era Field today, someone decided to light themselves on fire. One would assume that they wanted to copy the excessive tailgating behavior from the previous week where one guy jumped on a folding table that was on fire only …
Buffalo Bills Bonehead Tailgaters
Just remember it all started because Dizzy Bat guy crushed his head into a bus in 2015 and got so much attention it basically became a competition to out-do the previous week to get national coverage.
Welp, it's 2016 and we have a whole new batch of boneheads to start off the season...

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