A member of the Bills Mafia is on his way to having his mafia membership revoked after stealing a large sum of money from a Buffalo family. 

Mom and dad wanted to surprise their boy Carson with Buffalo Bills tickets after he made a gracious gesture to a family in need; however, another person posing as a Bills fan ruined that potential experience. 

It started two years ago when Carson won tickets to a Buffalo Bills game. For Christmas that year, Carson decided to give his tickets to another little boy that was also a huge fan and had not been able to go to the Bills game. For helping this family, Carson’s parents promised him that he could pick any game he wanted to go to, and they would do their best to make it happen. 

After certain circumstances prevented them from going to a game last year, they sat Carson down and told him they would take him to a game for the 2024-25 season. He chose the Kansas City game. 

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Carson’s mother, Samantha Farnsworth, managed to find Buffalo Bills season tickets on Facebook marketplace that were being sold via Ticketmaster…at least, she thought. 

Farnsworth exchanged some messages with a guy named Kevin Bird, who even gave her his phone number for communication purposes. After sending the requested money via Apple Pay, Farnsworth noticed she had been blocked and she never got the tickets she paid for, having to again give her kid the sad news. 

Farnsworth expressed her anger on Facebook:

“This freaking man below had the audacity to just rip me off on the marketplace. I was told he was selling his Buffalo bills seasons tickets via Ticketmaster and was asked to Apple Pay him in exchange he would send the tickets. I had a whole conversation with this guy in which he gave me his phone number (which I am apparently blocked from now). How are people to trust anyone these days?! And now I am out alot of money from everything I read Apple Cash is hard to refund unless the person willingly sends it back. I am sick to my stomach and now yet again get to tell my child how he won’t be attending the game.”

Generally, Facebook Marketplace encourages buyers to transfer the money to the sellers through Facebook using PayPal. That way, you are insured and covered on your purchase, in case it is a scam. When payment is transferred outside of Facebook, it is more difficult to recover. 

Many members of the Bills Mafia have shared Farnsworth’s post to try to catch the scammer, and she later provided this update:

“The actual person Kevin Bird was not the one who scammed me. Apparently he hasn’t used Facebook in awhile because someone had stolen his identity on here and has scammed multiple people claiming to be him. This man has been harassed multiple times over it. Please continue to share as this person is using this man’s identity and continuously trying to scam people. I tried alerting the marketplace and putting up a post and they took it down stating it’s against their guidelines.”

Someone out there knows Kevin Bird, and it’s only a matter of time until the post is shared enough that he is caught. Until then, other Mafia members may be at risk for this scam. 

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