After a memorable appearance at The Kentucky Derby, Martha Stewart was making headlines following her slip-up as Grand Marshal. 

It was the 150th anniversary of The Kentucky Derby, and Martha Stewart was selected to be the Grand Marshal of the big day. As a Grand Marshal, you are responsible for delivering the iconic “Riders Up” line to kickstart the race. 

Except – it didn’t go as planned for Stewart. 

Martha Stewart's Memorable "Grand Marshal" Experience

At The Kentucky Derby, Martha Stewart announced that they were in an entirely different state than Kentucky…and many people suspect that she was under the influence of something that caused her to slip. 

Stewart accidentally said “Connecticut” instead of “Kentucky,” which could have been an honest mistake since she grew up only an hour or two away from there.

Who knows…maybe she just made a mistake. I mean, you have to remember that Martha Stewart is 82 years young, which means she has quite a bit of life experience. 

One of her core memories growing up was actually during her time in Buffalo, New York. 

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Martha Stewart's Ties To Buffalo, NY

Martha Stewart has Polish heritage, and although she grew up in Jersey City, NJ, she had some familial ties to Western New York. Her mother taught her how to cook and sew, and later on, she learned some other handy skills while spending time at her grandparents’ house in Buffalo, New York. 

Stewart’s maternal grandparents taught her the processes of canning and preserving food. She learned how to put the foods in jars and cans and how to save those foods for long-term shelf life. 

According to the Stewart family tree, her maternal grandparents, Jozef Ruszkowski and Franciska Albiniak, were born in Poland. Eventually, the two of them made a new home for themselves in Erie County, NY! 

Her Mother Was Born In Buffalo, NY

Martha Stewart’s mother, Martha Ruszkowski, was born in Buffalo in September 1914. She lived in Erie County for a while before moving closer to Jersey, but some of her relatives remained in Western New York.


In fact, Martha’s brother, Dr. Eric Scott, practiced dentistry in the Williamsville area starting back to 1965, according to the Buffalo News

Martha’s grandparents were buried in Mount Calvary Cemetery in Cheektowaga, NY

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