Martha Stewart

July 9th Is National Sugar Cookie Day
Today is National Sugar Cookie Day. There’s no Congressional record or Presidential proclamation of it, just a fun day designated to baking and eating sugar cookies. It was back in the 1700’s when German settlers brought with them to Pennsylvania a simple recipe for c…
Beer Can Make Your Dinner Taste Even Better
Drinking beer can be fun, but did you know beer can be a great ingredient for your next recipe?  Beer can be used in chili recipes, fish frying, BBQ, as a part of a marinade, in bread dough, in stew, and many more option
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Inside Martha Stewart’s Laundry Room
Martha Stewart's blog has become quite the guilty pleasure for voyeuristic Martha fans -- and real estate junkies. Martha doesn't hold back with the photos from her multiple estates, and in her latest photo gallery featuring her laundry room, she does not disappoint.