There is a unique opportunity and invitation from one of the biggest stars in cooking and decorating. Martha Stewart wants you to visit her farm here in New York State!

It's a shocking move for someone so high-profile to offer a package like this as celebrities rarely ever do.

Martha Stewart is partnering with to host a pre-holiday getaway at her farm in Bedford, New York, which includes face time with Martha herself.

trip is for two people

“Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays to celebrate, which is why I’m excited to be’s newest host and welcome guests to my Bedford farm for a Thanksgiving-inspired stay ahead of the big day,” Stewart says.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, what are your favorite side dishes? There was a recent study done and it revealed the favorites by state. Here in New York it is any sort of root vegetable dish.

Most people are still trying to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive. It seems that some have gone from Halloween to Christmas and forgot that we have such a great Holiday and opportunity to show our gratitude for the things around us. It is an important Holiday and one that reminds us how lucky and blessed we are.

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