The NFL draft weekend was a success and football fans across New York State are analyzing the decisions and picks of their favorite teams.

For fans of the Buffalo Bills, the excitement really started on Friday as the Bills selected three new players after trading down on Thursday. Like any draft, we really don't know what the results will be and if the players will pan out until later this fall when the season really gets going and the action begins.

The Buffalo Bills are the only true New York State team to play in New York State, The Jets and the Giants may have New York attached to their names, yet they play home games in New Jersey.

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But as the Buffalo Bills wait for the new Highmark Stadium to be built, there are reports that the current owners are looking to sell off a portion of the ownership. The reports indicate that the minority partner(s) would own around 25% of the team when the deal is done.

Who could afford it? Who would be a good fit? Who would be an owner who understands the fan base and who would be willing to help keep the Bills in Buffalo for generations to come?

While some big names have been tossed around, and even the possibility of allowing the fans to buy in to the partnership have been mentioned, another name has popped up in discussions. Danny Wegman, the president of Wegmans has been mentioned as one of the possible candidates by some media and members of the Bills Mafia.

In 2014, the Wegman family worth was in the billions and likely has grown since then. The Democrat and Chronicle reported that, in 2014, "Forbes lists the Wegman family as 77th on its list of 185 billionaire families, and estimates its worth at $3 billion, a claim it notes that the family disputes".

While we wait to see what happens and who will be the eventual partner with the Pegula family, we can enjoy the fun and excitement surrounding the draft and the upcoming Buffalo Bills season!!

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