If you are outdoors in New York State within the next few weeks, there is a good chance that you will see a baby deer! There are a few things that officials in New York State want you to know.

Yes, animals are cute. However, they are still wild animals and should be left to to their own thing. Social media has made the relationship between humans and animals a challenge as some people try to get a photo or video with animals and it is just a bad idea.

The spring is well underway and it is just about the time of the year that whitetail deer start to deliver their fawns! Even though they are cute, they are wild animals and the Amherst Police have a warning for residents.

I am in the woods and fields all the time during the spring and have walked up on fawns that were left behind. Typically, if you leave them alone, they won't run or be disturbed. Mom is probably within ear shot or eyesight of the baby deer. The tricky part is for those who own farm fields that need to be mowed for hay. Farmers know all too well to have a watchful eye for the deer. They can be very hard to see in tall grass.

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