One of our favorite Buffalo Bills is celebrating today, and you might just run into him tonight. 

If you see Keon Coleman today, make sure you tell him, “Happy Birthday!” Coleman is celebrating his 21st birthday on May 17, which is obviously a big one! 

Most people remember their 21st birthday, right? And if you don’t, then maybe you had too much of a good time. 

Although Keon Coleman is focused on his career and being a key component for the Buffalo Bills, I’m sure that he would want to celebrate his 21st birthday in style. 

Maybe the team has something really awesome planned for the day, or maybe he’ll be navigating to the bars to explore Buffalo himself. After all, Coleman has only been in Buffalo, NY for a few weeks since he was drafted in April. 

While Keon Coleman seems like an overall cool guy, I would guess that he would like some privacy while celebrating in Western New York for his birthday. But you have to remember: he’s still a kid celebrating his 21st birthday. So if you do see him, try not to make the biggest deal about it. 

There are a few bars I can think of that his teammates frequent, bars that are a little more private, and it’s an overall good time! 

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Take a look at the 8 bars you could see Keon Coleman hanging out in for his birthday. 

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If you want to be nice, maybe you’ll buy Keon Coleman a drink when you see him tonight. Oh, and instead of “Cheers!” we'll say “Go Bills!”

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