The massive summer travel season is almost here and from Buffalo to Albany, New York State drivers are ready to hit the road. But will a new tax meet them on the highway soon?

There are an estimated 43.8 million people who will be traveling at least 50 miles from home this Memorial Day weekend. Reports indicate that this will be the busiest weekend on the roads in 20 years!

There is no question that the roads in New York State take a beating from traffic and the weather and the snow and ice removal. Who pays for the repairs? New York State drivers in many ways. However, a new tax or fee is being presented in California and it may be here soon.

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In California, there are lawmakers working on a bill that, "would tax for the number of miles driven versus how much gas is bought".

The idea is that more EV cars are on the roads and since they are not paying a gas tax to fill up, there are less funds coming in to fix roads.

So what if California does this? What does that mean for New York State? Very often what happens out west, makes it's way east.

A similar tax or fee is already in place in portions of New York State.

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