While prices have gone up in most places, there is one grocery store that is catering to the people’s needs: cheaper grocery prices. 

It’s definitely going to be a summer to remember…and one grocery store in New York state wants you to enjoy the summer sun, cook outs with your friends, smores by the firepit, and more – without having to break the bank for the supplies. 

Thanks to ALDI, you’ll have more money in your wallet. The grocery store is lowering prices on over 250 products beginning this summer! 

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ALDI is already known for having low prices and great deals, so to hear the news that they are lowering the prices to be lower than before requires a sigh of relief. 

ALDI customers should experience about $100 million in savings by the time we reach Labor Day. Those savings are nearly double what they were last year, according to MSN

You’ll see a clear reduction in prices by Memorial Day weekend, but watch for these great deals on these highlighted items:

  • Family Pack Chicken Breast* (was $2.49, now $2.19)
  • Season’s Choice: Frozen French Fries 32-ounce (was $2.79, now $2.49)
  • Season’s Choice: Frozen Blueberries 24-ounce (was $3.99, now $3.49)
  • Simms: Summer Sausage (was $4.49, now $4.19)
  • USDA Choice Black Angus Sirloin Steak - available until July 10 - (was $8.49, now $6.99)

This summer should be funner than ever. Thanks, ALDI! 

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