This Car Invention Will Change Your Fast Food Tricks Forever
At first, I thought 'wow, this would be great for the kids', but then I figured, this is great for just about ANYONE.
You go to McDonald's or Burger King and you get some nuggets and there is always a struggle. You want to eat some in the car, but we all know that it is not an easy tas…
Free + Discounted Items You Can Get On Election Day
It's election day! In Erie County the early voting numbers were absolutely insane. Nearly 40% of all registered voters in Erie County turned out to vote early before election day. Now, it certainly helped the lines, but we have already seen some seriously long lines today...
The Blue Jays Won Their First Game, So Here’s What Val Has To Do
The Toronto Blue Jays were playing their FIRST 'home game' in Western New York at Sahlen Field, and naturally, my friends and I had a bet for money of course on the game. We bet on the Blue Jays.
When I mentioned this to Val she said that she wanted to get in on some betting and since my wife was not…

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