There are some things you feel like you need to call the police for, but is it really an emergency? After all, that’s why people call 911 – for emergencies. 

A Cheektowaga man did what many of us have considered doing after a frustrating trip to McDonald’s: he called the police on them. 

Why, you may ask? The ice cream machine was broken, and he couldn’t take it. 

The story sounds like a joke, but I promise it’s real. The Cheektowaga Scanner, a Facebook page dedicated to reporting and reposting active incidents and information available via police scanner, shared that someone called the police on a Cheektowaga McDonald’s after learning that the “milkshake machine is broken.” 

You can hear an audio snippet of the officers discussing the call on the police scanner. 

I love how you can hear one of the officers say, “Guess he’s never been to McDonald’s after dark…they never work.” 

Very true…maybe he’s a first timer. 

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As a result, someone heroically shared on the Cheektowaga Scanner Facebook page a way to find out which McDonald’s ice cream and milkshake machines are fully functional. Apparently there’s a website that allows you to search for working ice cream machines, and it’s the app we didn’t know we needed. 

You can find the website here

Hopefully there won’t be a future encounter that results in the police being called on a broken ice cream machine, but who knows? Stranger things have happened….

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