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The Coolest Grocery Store Ever Opens in Buffalo Tomorrow!
There's a bocce court inside. A bar, a restaurant a juice and coffee bar, a cheese bar...and oh's a grocery store. A Whole Foods grocery store is coming to WNY on the site of the former Hens and Kelly + Bon Ton store!
Sheridan Drive by the Boulevard will open on Friday at 8 AM
WGRZ said what…
Whole Foods
People who have shopped for groceries out of town at a Whole Foods Market usually come away impressed.  The Buffalo area's first Whole Foods is scheduled to open this summer in Amherst on the site of the former Hens and Kelly and Bon Ton store at Northtown Plaza on Sheridan Drive.
Super Flea Out…Walmart In!
When I heard this news I was a little upset.  Walmart has announced plans to open a huge super store with grocery department,  on the site of the former Super Flea on Walden Avenue in Cheektowaga.  I didn't know the Super Flea had shut down.  If so, that's news to me.&n…
To The Lady At The Grocery Store
Dear lady who just gave me a dirty look at the grocery store,
 I just wanted to write this letter to let you know that YOU are the reason that many people won't drop what they're doing to help people out now a days. 
Once upon a time it was in the good nature of people to help othe…