I have to admit that I am not the one who does the grocery shopping in the house. My wife usually does it and often comes home and says how expensive the grocery store is getting. Over the weekend, I went into the store and saw some of the craziest prices I have ever seen. How on earth are people affording to live?!

There were 3 items that I saw and have gone up so much:

1.) Peanut Butter was $7.49

2.) Honey Nut Cheerios were $6.99

3.) Eggs were $4.49

That's insane. Just getting the essentials for the family is outrageous.

Prices are certainly UP. Take a look at this pulled pork that was at Wegmans. How are grocery stores charging this much and actually getting it? It was $47.15 and people were weighing in with other items that they have seen that have had increased prices.

The post on Instagram from BuffsBarstool drew tons of comments about the expensive Wegmans meat:

Kait explained:

I thought this was a misprint. It's not.... Jfc Wegmans.

LeAnn said:

The packaged “ready to eat” food at wegmans is a scam. When the family pack of spaghetti and meatballs was like $20 I was like hell no

Aden thinks it was a mistake:

No way that’s 3lb tho, wrong container for that amount surely

Nicole is not happy:

Oh and BTW Danny if you wanna charge an astronomical amount of money for your products, could you atleast make sure the quality is there and not set to expire the next day

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