Ready to try a new sport this summer?  Need one that will get you outside and help you get some steps in?  You're going to love disc golf.

What is Disc Golf?

Some people call it frisbee golf.  Some people call it frolfing (frisbee + disc golf).  It's actually a lot like regular golf only instead of playing with clubs and golf balls, you play with discs like frisbees.  They're all different sizes and they're meant for different things.  Just like your clubs are meant for different shots in golf (driver, putter) so are the discs in disc golf.

You still "drive" from a tee pad like you would when you take your first drive in golf, only instead of aiming for a hole on a green, you're aiming for a basket in a field or forest.

Instead of strokes like you count in golf, you count your throws and you hope to limit them the best you can.  The holes/baskets all still have what they have determined to be "par" or the average number of throws it will take for you to land your disc in the basket.

Click here for the official disc golf rules.

Do you need any equipment for disc golf?

In general, the only thing you'll need to bring is your discs.  Some of the courses will have a pro shop right there where you can buy, rent, or borrow some discs for the day.

But that's about all you'll need.  There are no clubs or bags to carry (unless you want to carry a bag).

Just come dressed in clothes that are comfortable to walk in and you're ready to play.

How much does it cost to play?

The cost to play depends on the course.  Some courses are found right in public parks and are free to play on.  Others are private courses and normally the fees go toward keeping the course in good shape.

Where can you play disc golf in Western New York?

There are a ton of places to go!  Here are just a few of the ones that we really liked a lot last summer but it should be easy to find one closer if you can't find one near you on this list.

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