A brand new initiative is coming later this year! The "Playground for all" at Chestnut Ridge Park will be a state of the art, fully accessible play space for children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities.

It looks like it will be located by the casino (right by the sledding hill) at Chestnut Ridge Park, according to WNY Papers:

Inclusive playgrounds have many benefits, providing a sensory-rich play space that enables children to develop physically, socially and emotionally. In addition to being fully accessible and inviting to people with disabilities, especially parents with disabilities, inclusive playgrounds are a resource for grandparents and aging caregivers who want to interact with the children in their care. Their universal design permits all children to play together, including kids with disabilities, and has a wide range of play features to accommodate children’s interests.

There is another park in Western New York that is the first of its kind! The first autism trail in the United States (and the only other one that is even remotely like it is in Japan) will be right here in Western New York at Letchworth State Park and they started breaking ground earlier this year.

Two state of the art parks in Western New York makes our outdoor parks some of the most inclusive in the entire country!


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