Former Bills' center Eric Wood had Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott on his podcast this week and he revealed a WNY favorite that the coach doesn't allow in his house.

Everyone has certain things that, as a rule, they just don't allow in their house.  Whether it's because they don't like it, or it's just not good for them, they'll essentially "ban" it from their home.

Sean McDermott isn't any different.

McDermott was on former Buffalo Bills center Eric Wood's (Centered On Buffalo) podcast this week when Wood revealed to the world that there's a food that McDermott won't allow in his home.

McDermott was asked what his favorite wing spot in Buffalo was and immediately responded the way many of the Buffalo Bills do.  "Bar-Bill" was his immediate response.  Although he did admit that he doesn't get to frequent it as often as he wishes he could just because he's always so busy.

Then he went on to mention that when his family is in town, they somehow always find time to get there and his parents go one step further.  They always make an extra trip to Tim Horton's when they're in town and bring the kids back some Timbits to snack on.

Before anyone gets upset, I'm sure it's nothing against Tim Hortons, but it's about the sugar.  As you can tell, McDermott is all about staying fit and being healthy and he's just trying to pass that on to his kids.

Also, he's right!  It's a grandparent's job to spoil those kids and give them the treats that they want.  McDermott is trying to keep them healthy, but it's ok when grandma and grandpa get to give them a little something sweet every now and then.

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