If you were one of the many people who applied for the chance to buy tickets to the Savannah Bananas’ games in Buffalo this July, you’re either spending your weekend elated, or incredibly disappointed. 

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Unfortunately, it seems like there’s much more of the latter. 

After it was announced that the “Harlem Globetrotters of baseball” would be playing three games of their Banana Ball World Tour on July 5th, 6th, and 7th at Sahlen Field, fans of the popular exhibition team began clamoring to get their tickets. Those who wanted to attend had until December 1st of last year to register for a lottery that would give them the opportunity to buy tickets, and since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting the news of if they were selected. 

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Finally, on Friday afternoon, the team let registrants know whether or not they were randomly chosen as one of the lucky ones to grab tickets to these massive games, and for most of them, the news wasn’t good. 

Has anyone heard from the Savannah Bananas yet?
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After receiving an email from the Savannah Bananas letting them know if they were selected or not, many Buffalo residents took to social media to share their results, and an overwhelming number of them revealed they had been denied the chance to buy tickets. 

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If they were one of the lucky ones selected in the lottery, they were then placed in one of thirteen groups. Monday morning, the winners will be sent an email with a link to purchase tickets. Even that system has led to some confusion for fans. 

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There are also some Bananaland fans who were placed in a "standby" category, and will be able to buy tickets if there are any left over after the winners get to make their purchases.

In an email to lottery participants, the Bananas said, 

“No need to sugar coat it - there were WAY more people on the Ticket Lottery List than tickets available.”

There is a waitlist if “by some miracle” more tickets become available, but due to the high demand, we doubt there will be. 

If you were one of the crazy lucky ones selected, congratulations! You’re sure to have a blast watching “Banana Ball” come to Buffalo. But if you weren’t one of the chosen ones, at least you can know you’re definitely not alone.

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