Keep an eye out today if you're driving anywhere in Western New York.  You may see some Buddhist Monks that are on a journey.

There's a chance that you'll see some Buddhist Monks on the side of the road today as they make their way across the country.

Why are there Buddhist Monks walking the streets?

It's a walk for peace.  The Buddhist Monks began their journey in March in Key West and have been traveling across the country simply to spread peace and kindness.  They just entered New York this past weekend and stayed in Ripley, New York to close out their 84th day.

They cover about 30 miles and walk around 10 hours per day.

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How long will they be walking?

The walk began on March 31st and will be ending their walk with a final ceremony in Niagara Falls on Saturday.  They will be walking across Western New York for the rest of the week.

They do not carry currency

The monks do not have anything on them as far as currency or possessions go.  They literally just have the robes on their backs.  That means that they are counting on the kindness of others for food and shelter.  Local people in the area have been supplying them with food and water.

Here is their remaining schedule

You will see them walking across Western New York this week.  Here are the towns and days they hope to arrive:

Monday - Hamburg (They are hoping to stay somewhere in the area of Wannakah Beach)

Tuesday - They're hoping to make it to Grand Island by Tuesday and will stay there for the rest of the week before finishing with a ceremony in Niagara Falls.

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