It's a pretty common occurrence for residents of a particular area to ask you to slow down.  But this time, it's not for the people that live there.

It's for a deer.

How many times have you been leaving someone's house and you hear them say, "Watch For Deer!"  It's almost as common to say that as it is to say, "Go Bills!" in Western New York.  The people in Orchard Park are asking you to watch out for one deer in particular.  It's a fawn piebald deer.

What is a piebald deer?

Piebald deer have white spots on a pigmented background.  According to A-Z Animals, piebaldism refers to the absence of melanocytes (mature melanin-forming cells) in specific skin and hair areas.

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They are different from albino deer because albino deer have just about white everything.  There will not be colored spots on an albino deer. The eyes and noste of an albino deer will be pink, while a piebald deer will have brown eyes and a brown nose.

How rare are piebald deer?

While they're not as rare as albino deer, they're pretty rare.  According to David Osborn, a wildlife research coordinator at the University of Georgia Deer Research Facility, the deer population is made up of only 2% piebald deer.

Watch out if you drive on Baker Road in Orchard Park

The residents of Orchard Park are asking people to watch out if you're driving through the town on Baker Road because it's been seen there quite a bit lately.

What should I do if I see it?

Nothing.  Leave it alone.

Another concern that they've got about this deer is that people feel the need to "help" it when they see it being alone.  According to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator that commented on the post, it's very common for the fawn to be alone throughout the day.  The mother will come back for it at night time.

They ask that you don't stop to try to get pictures or leave it food.  Simply leave it alone if you want the best for it and be careful while you're driving.

Watch for deer!

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