World records are set every day.  Luckily, the Guiness Book of World Records are on hand to witness them.  These ones from WNY stand out to us.

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the Guiness Bood of World Records.  I used to check the book out from the library all the time because I could never get through them all.  Who could?

It's even more amazing when you find out that some of these incredible world records happened right here in Western New York.  Here's a list of just some of them that I could find on their website and yes...there's even one in there from Canada!

  1. World’s Largest Ice Maze - This one was set at the Powder Keg Festival in 2010.  "The maze's width was 25.85 m (84.80 ft) and the length was 46.21 m (151.60 ft). The height of the walls was 1.83 m (6 ft)."
  2. Most consecutive Super Bowl appearances - Ok...this one is a little touchy for some people considering we didn't win any of them.  But no team has been able to do it since we did it back in the 90s.
  3. Most goals scored by a team in a regular-season NHL period - 9 goals against the Leafs in the 2nd period.  Click the link for more on that one.  Can you even imagine seeing 14 goals in a game??
  4. Most yards gained by a team in an NFL playoff game - This one was tied in 2012, but was originally set by the Bills and Dolphins in 1995.
  5. First tightrope walk over Niagara Falls - This one wasn't done by who you think it the link to learn more about who did it first.
  6. Smallest margin of victory in a Super Bowl game - Another one that we'd probably as soon prefer to forget...
  7. The largest fossil dig - 905 people in Hamburg all looking for fossils.  How did I miss this one?
  8. Fastest marathon flipping a pancake - Does it get more specific than this?  Talk about an overachiever!
  9. Fastest goal scored in an NHL game - Another record that happened against Toronto?  Could it be possible?
  10. First person to survive drop over Niagara Falls - A 63 year old teacher...and she did it in a barrel!
  11. Most face-off wins in an NHL season - Ryan O-Reilly...2018 baby!!
  12. Most museums consulted for a videogame - The game was World of Warships...the museum from Buffalo...the Naval & Military Park.
  13. Youngest US president to assume office - Some guy named Theodore Roosevelt became president right here in the Queen City.
  14. Most points scored by a team in an NBA quarter - Ok...this one actually happened in Boston against the Celtics but it was achieved by The Buffalo Braves!
  15. Most Niagara Falls crossings by tightrope - one year - Again...not the guy you might think...
  16. Most visited waterfall - This one IS the waterfall that you think.  With 22,500,000 visitors a year, Niagara Falls gets some foot traffic.
  17. Most people howling simultaneously - I love the strange ones!  This one happened right across the border in Ontario at Great Wolf Lodge.

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