It's about to be 2022. When I DJ or officiate weddings, you hear couple's ideas for their big day--interesting, unique, and over-the-top ideas that will make their day perfect.

Though there are some things that are clearly dying off and quite frankly, people hate.

Things are much now. People are going to college, getting jobs, and getting married later in life and the traditions are changing fast. At the end of the day, remember, it's YOUR wedding--do whatever makes you happy.

What Not To Do in 2022

  1. Garter/Bouquet Toss  I've DJ'd a ton of weddings and only one bride wanted to do the garter toss. Why is it becoming so extinct? It stops the flow of music, it gets the majority of the guests off the dance floor and most times, you'll only see a handful of girls who want to ACTUALLY get the bouquet
  2. Favors Lately, we've been at weddings where there weren't any favors. We didn't even notice until afterward, because they're starting to die out. It's a lot of money to buy everyone a mini bottle of oil or a piece of sponge candy. Also, think about it--someone is coming to your wedding and giving you a seriously nice gift and you're going to thank them by giving them a piece of chocolate.
  3. The Cake Don't save your cake topper. If you freeze the top layer of your cake for a year--it tastes like garbage. Not to mention, on your first anniversary, most places you buy your wedding cake from will actually make you a new mini cake to celebrate for free. In fact, consider not even having a cake. Most times, it's only on display for a few minutes and only half the people eat it. Do cupcakes or sheets or cake and cut them up in the kitchen.

What TO Do in 2022

  1. Late Night Food It's become a staple at weddings for a little late-night food bar. Get your guests to stay a little later, keep having fun. After all, it's the biggest party of your life why end it at 11 o'clock. Plus, the late-night food is cheap--and it's everyone's favorite after a couple of drinks.
  2. Flip Flops Hear me out on this one. The ladies love it. Their feet hurt, they want to put something else on now that the dancing has started. Get a basket and put some flip-flops by the DJ in different sizes. You'll be glad you did. The girls will stay long, drink more, which makes the guys happy. It's a win-win.
  3. Doggie Bags. Some may think it's tacky. But, you just spent the most money of your life on a fancy party (your wedding) why not take home what is not eaten. After all, you paid for it. Take it home yourself or let your guests take theirs home!

Honorable mention: Wedding dress/tux rentals, instead of buying the dress/tux.



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