Downtown Buffalo at Canalside is home to some new, exciting and refreshing things that are making the waterfront quite the hot spot in New York. From concerts, ice cream, ice skating and water bikes to HARBORcenter, ferry rides, restaurants and carnivals, Canalside is turning into a hangout that will attract nearly 2.5 million people this Summer.

If you had an open budget and no restraints, what would you like to see down on Canalside? You never know, you're suggestion one day may just become a reality.

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    Duck Boat Tour

    A duck boat you ask? It's a's a tour bus. It's actually both and it will drive you around town and the water and give you a tour of the city. You can find these in some major cities such as Boston + Seattle + Miami.

    Where we could actually suggest putting this getting in and out of the way is beyond us, but it would be cool.

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    A One Buffalo Store

    Buffalo, NY is the place to be. There is so much happening in revamping downtown Buffalo and the Canalside that is exciting and refreshing. No better motto explains that excitement and unity that 'One Buffalo'.

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    Some type of a big-wig celebrity restaurant. We have yet to have something like that in Buffalo and Canalside would be a perfect hot spot. I mean, Phoenix has Dierks Bentley's bar, Los Cabos has Sammy Hagar's place, Bon Jovi's place in New Jersey or Ashton Kutcher's place in Atlanta and Gavin DeGraw's in New York City.

    Calling the Goo Goo Dolls. Calling the Goo Goo Dolls.

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    Actually, this one may be coming true. There has been some talk about this one and this would be a cool experience / romantic thing on the water front in Buffalo. Things are heating up around here!

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    Bed and Breakfast

    Forget all the hotels that are coming downtown. How cool does a bed and breakfast sound and then a walk down to the water to watch the sunrise over Lake Erie? I rest my case.