You’ve been belted in and blasted off, and now you’re inching your way to the “best” part of one of Darien Lake‘s rides — the big drop, the giant loop, the moment in the ride where your stomach feels like it’s going to fall out. There’s nothing quite like that feeling you get when you realize you’re questionably fastened into something that’s designed to make you scream, cry, throw up or do all three.

That’s not a knock at Darien Lake — more like props to them! If you’re looking for that special sort of thrill that only comes at an amusement park, here’s my list of five Darien Lake rides that will make you scream like a little girl (yup, even you, tough guy).

Ride of Steel

If the suspense of the climb to the top of that first hill doesn’t make you scream, that 208-foot drop will. That is, if you can even open your mouth while whipping down the track at 70 miles per hour. Watch out for bugs!

Grizzly Run

Darien Lake describes this ride as “a roaring river rapids adventure.” I just describe it as “wet.” You can mentally prepare, but it’s still a shock when that first blast of water hits you.

Mind Eraser

You know your feet aren’t going to hit this roller coaster‘s support beams. Really, you told yourself that a million times when you were waiting in line. But when your car pulls out of the loading area and you start zipping through those twists and turns? Forget it; that logic is gone.


Just when you think the roller coaster is over, you have to go through it again — backwards. ‘Nuff said.

Big Kahuna

There’s nothing quite like racing down a 700-foot-long water slide with three of your closest friends. And because going through one dip at a time isn’t enough, this slide has three dips, all in a row. Hang on to your swimsuit!

Contributed to by Marissa Bruno