Western New Yorkers love their food. That's not a secret. But, for foodies "in the know," here are five food trends you can expect to hear (and taste) a lot of in 2021.

1. Pancakes

And not just any kind of pancakes. The big trend for 2021, which gained momentum toward the end of last year, is Japanese souffle pancakes.

These giant fluff bombs are showing up on menus nationwide, and all over Instagram.

2. Mochi doughnuts

I feel like it all started with the cronut and we haven't stopped messing with doughnuts since. The Mochi doughnut is super pretty though, and it's looks are driving its trending status.

According to Food Network:

"The pastries are made with glutinous rice flour, so they’re light and chewy — and they’re highly Instagrammable, thanks to the flowerlike “pon de ring” shape popularized in Japan"

3. Sweet boards

Step aside cheese and prosciutto, the charcuterie tray just got sweeter. I'm not sure if we're all just really into eating our feelings in 2021, but we seem to all want the same thing -- unity, something pretty to look at, and to get chocolate wasted.

4. Canned cocktails

All jokes aside, for anyone who spent their college years slugging Four Loko, this is how adults do it now. White Claw and Truly (among other brands) are expanding their offerings from plain old flavored hard seltzers (so 2019) and responding to the widespread separation of us from our bartenders. The newest trend for canned alcohol isn't craft beer, it's the hard stuff. Pre-made cocktails in a can, ready to go. That's how you get quarantine ready!

5. Hot honey

Nothing like that sweet heat. Hot honey is showing up all over in foodie blogs as a new signature ingredient.

Food Network writes:

"It began as an unlikely pizza topping: In 2010, a guy named Mike Kurtz started making chile-infused honey for the pizzas at Paulie Gee’s in Brooklyn. Sales of Mike’s Hot Honey have doubled every year since, inspiring other brands to launch similarly fiery honeys. Use some to add a sweet-and-spicy kick to sandwiches, cocktails and even ice cream."

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